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Is Finland the country to go to for further studies?

If you want to receive a world-class education, immerse yourself in the Nordic lifestyle and study in the happiest country on earth, look no further than Finland! Finland’s world-leading higher education system offers English-taught programs to international students. With one of the best-performing education systems, it’s no wonder why international students flock to Finland each year.

What is it like studying in the happiest country on earth?

Below are the benefits of studying in Finland:

  • Receive world-class education
    Finland eclipses the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand in math, science and reading scores. Finnish universities rank among the top 3 per cent globally.
  • No age restriction for mature applicants
    It’s never too late to advance your studies. Finland believes in continued learning for everyone. You can easily apply to study in Finland.
  • It’s affordable
    Tuition fees for international students range from €6,000-€16,000 per year. The living costs are only €7000 p.a
  • Gain work experience while you study
    International students can work up to 30 hours per week!
  • Travel visa-free across EU
    With a student visa, you can travel visa-free to any EU country during weekends and school breaks.
  • A high standard of living
    Finland provides a high standard of living for students and families throughout the country. Not only are the Finnish education and healthcare systems top-notch, but the cost of living is manageable. Dubbed as the second-best country in the EU, the country remains stable and participates in being the best governance in the world.

Which educational programs are offered within Finland?

The available study levels are:

  • Foundation studies – Did not meet university entry grades? No worries, there are foundation & diplomas pathway programs.
  • Bachelor programs – Bachelor degrees run for 3-3.5 yrs (Minimum grade is KCSE C+)
  • Masters programs -Masters degree run for 2 yrs.

All the universities we work with offer English-taught programs. The available programs are Nursing, Business, Management, IT courses, Engineering courses (mechanical, Electrical, Automation) Early Childhood Education, Sports Management, Tourism & Hospitality.

The entire application duration is 3-5 months. Start early & apply with us today

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